Driving Through an Art Gallery

It looks like spring has arrived in Thailand. Throughout Thailand there are trees along the major highways that bloom with bright flowers at some time during the year. It is like driving through an art gallery with the sumptuous bright colors. Right now it is the Cassia bakeriana or Pink Shower Tree that is in bloom. The pink variety of this tree is turning up in south Florida, but in their native land of Thailand, they bloom in pink, orange, yellow and purple.

Yellow Cassia bakeriana trees

Orange Cassia bakeriana trees=""

Pink Cassia bakereriana tree=""

In May and June the highways are lined with trees with these lovely red blooms. These are the Peacock's Tail Tree, or hahng nohk yoong in Thai. They are gorgeous and everywhere during that season.

Red blooms in Suphanburi in May

And in January in Kanchanburi Province we saw blooming Bougainvillae of many colors. Of course these are found in California and other parts of America. In Thailand they are known as Fueng-Fa.

Flowering Fueng-Fa

By selecting the right plants, I think a garden or yard in Thailand could have some trees or bushes blooming with bright colors at all times of the year.

Ron Chester, Santa Clara

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