The Mighty Mockingbird Sings!

This morning I stepped out onto the back porch and was immediately greeted by a welcome sound that I had not heard in months. It was the first mockingbird song of the year!

Walnut tree

I have previously written about the amazing sounds of the mockingbird.

A Sure Sign That Spring Has Nearly Arrived

  • Twelve days ago, I noted that spring seemed to be arriving in Thailand, but there it was the appearance of the bright blossoms on the Pink Shower Trees.

  • Here it is the sound of the mockingbird that signals an incipient springtime. After I spotted the bird singing on top of a telephone pole above my neighbor's yard, I looked into my own back yard and realized that the walnut tree had also leafed out with new leaves, a bright green against the solid blue of the Silicon Valley sky.

  • The first day of spring is actually March 20 this year, the Vernal Quinox, when night and day are the same length. But the mockingbird is not waiting to begin his annual rite of spring. Before long I will likely be hearing him sing in the middle of the night, not just during the day, an unusual nightime sound that I never tire of hearing.

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  • Ron Chester

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