Am I a Blogger?

Well I'm not sure about that yet. I do describe myself as a writer and I really enjoy writing, when I have something to say. Writing often helps me clarify what it is that I have to say. At one time I would have said I was a trumpet player. But am I a BLOGGER? Image by puddleduck on morgueFile

I have a number of my own blogs. This one, one on Blogger, another on Posthaven, and I post fairly often on Twitter. Are they a vehicle for my writing or for blogging? I've been closely following Dave Winer for many months now and he's a real blogger. When you look up "blog" in Wikipedia, you read about Dave Winer. He was the first and he's been doing it steadily now for twenty years. He has 65,500 followers on Twitter, but I don't know how many of those read his blog. Well compared to that, I have essentially no followers. I'm just learning, a complete unknown.

"At dawn my lover comes to me/And tells me of her dreams/With no attempts to shovel the glimpse/Into the ditch of what each one means." - Bob Dylan, 1965

Uncle Art Was a Blogger

  • Well to be fair, when I knew him the Internet had not yet been born and probably Dave Winer had not been either. Uncle Art was a collector of unusual, interesting, fun oddities that he came across in his reading. He would clip them out and put them in his scrapbook, an assemblage of curiosities. He loved to share them with his friends. He couldn't help himself. He'd have them read the clipping he found out loud and would then laugh loudly with us all about it. And he always had great new things to share every time we went to visit him. I'd like to be as cool as Uncle Art was.

  • I suspect he is the main reason I like to collect interesting, unusual stuff. And maybe that's mainly what I do in writing in my blogs. "Hey, look at this thing I came across. Pretty neat, huh?"

  • And those tend to be the sort of things I like in the many blogs I read. But to have some credibility in a blog, it helps to be an expert in the subject you write about. Using Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule, I suppose I could say that I have some expertise about tax accounting and tax preparation, some more about Bob Dylan, and some more about ham radio. But am I driven to write about those topics? No, but if I find something interesting in those areas, I would be inclined to share it with others.

  • And maybe my blogs are like Uncle Art's scrapbooks: a place to stash amazing things, so I can find them again later. This stems from my inclination to organize information and ideas. And even without followers, it makes my blogs useful to me.

The Unedited Voice of a Person

  • In 2007 Dave Winer gave a pretty clear explanation of what distinguishes a blog from other writing on the Internet. I'm just now finding out about some of these things.

  • "If it was one voice, unedited, not determined by group-think -- then it was a blog, no matter what form it took. If it was the result of group-think, with lots of ass-covering and offense avoiding, then it's not. Things like spelling and grammatic errors were okay, in fact they helped convince one that it was unedited."

  • Using that standard, this would be a blog, which would make me a blogger!

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